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Aviad Hai Laboratory @ UW-MADISON (c) 2018

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Bok I, Ashtiani A, Gokhale Y, Phillips J, Zhu T, Hai A. (2024) Nanofabricated high turn-density spiral coils for on-chip electromagneto-optical conversion Microsyst Nanoeng 10, 1-12
article behind The Paper PDF

Vareberg A, Bok I, Eizadi J, Ren X, Hai A. (2024) Inference of network connectivity from temporally binned spike trains J Neurosci Methods 404: 110073
article PDF

Bok I, Rauch B, Ashtiani A, Hai A. (2024) Direct observation of NMR transverse relaxation in nanopatterned clusters of iron oxide particles Magn Reson Med 91: 687-698 PubMed article PDF

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Ren X, Bok I, Vareberg A, Hai A. (2023) Stimulation-mediated Reverse Engineering of Silent Neural Networks J Neurophys 129(6):1505-1514 PubMed article PDF

Bhatt S, Masterson E, Zhu T, Eizadi J, George J, Graupe N, Vareberg A, Phillips J, Bok I, Dwyer M, Ashtiani A, Hai A. (2023) Wireless in vivo Recording of Cortical Activity by an Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor Sens Actuators B Chem 19(4):046003. PubMed article PDF

Phillips J, Glodowski M, Gokhale Y, Dwyer M, Ashtiani A, Hai A. (2022) Enhanced magnetic transduction of neuronal activity by nanofabricated inductors quantified via finite element analysis J Neural Eng 19(4):046003. PubMed article PDF

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Bricault S, Barandov A, Harvey P, DeTienne E, Hai A, Jasanoff A (2020) Image-guided neural activity manipulation with a paramagnetic drug Nat Commun 11(1):136. PubMed article PDF

Hai A, Spanoudaki V, Bartelle BB, Jasanoff A (2019) Wireless resonant circuits for the minimally invasive sensing of biophysical processes in magnetic resonance imaging Nat Biomed Eng 3, 69-78. PubMed article behind The Paper PDF

Hai A, Lee T, Cai LX, Lelyveld VS, Jasanoff A (2016) Molecular fMRI of Serotonin transport Neuron 9, 1-12. PubMed article PDF

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Hai A, Dormann A, Shappir J, Yitzchaik S, Bartic C, Borghs G, Langedijk J, and Spira ME (2009) Spine-shaped gold protrusions improve the adherence and electrical coupling of neurons with the surface of micro-electronic devices J R Soc Interface 6;6(41):1153-65. PubMed article PDF

Hai A, Ben-Haim D, Korbakov N, Cohen A, Shappir J, Oren R, Spira ME and Yitzchaik S (2006) Acetylcholinesterase-ISFET based system for the detection of acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors Biosens Bioelectron 22, 605-612. PubMed article PDF

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